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TRINCO™ Model 36 with BP Dust Collector

36”W x 24”D x 23”H     Work Area

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Designed for intermittent blasting operations. The TRINCO™ Model 36 with Dust Collector vacuums the dust and contamination from the cabinet. Media is recycled from the gun system to the hopper and back to the gun system.

  • TRINCO™ BP Dust Collectors vacuum air borne dust from the cabinet during blasting, providing good visibility for the operator and preventing dust from escaping the cabinet. TRINCO™ BP Dust Collectors are ideal for low to medium blasting requirements. Click System Upgrades button for information on the TRINCO™ 400PT Dust Collector for medium to high blasting requirements
  • Bright white fluorescent lighting provides excellent illumination and eliminates shadows
  • Large safety glass window with easy change window frame provides excellent visibility.
  • TRINCO™ Air Pressure Regulator and gauge mounted at the front of the blast cabinet allows for easy adjustment of blast pressures
  • Double floor - 1/8" thick Expanded Steel Grate on top of a fine mesh steel carbon screen. The fine mesh screen traps contaminants preventing gun blockages
  • 1 Year TRINCO™ Warranty on non-consumable parts
  • Very popular model, great for automotive repair shops
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge welded steel construction
  • Spring loaded hopper trap door for easy media changes
  • Heavy duty blast gun with Tungsten Carbide nozzle, 25 CFM air jet, and safety enclosed foot pedal control
  • Available with TRINCO™ Model 36 with BP Dust Collector (shown), TRINCO™ Abrasive Separator or TRINCO™ Deluxe line
  • ALL 36x36 models available with roll out turntable & cartridge dust collectors
  • ALL MODELS available in 36x30
  • All Model available in 36x36


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