Direct Pressure Systems


• Direct Pressure Blast Cabinets deliver a pressurized high-velocity stream of media providing the power and speed needed for production blasting and removal of tough coatings. Heavy layers of paint, rust, scale, corrosion, etc. are quickly and easily removed. Direct Pressure Cabinets are 3-4 times faster than Siphon cabinets when blasting at half the pressure.
• TRINCO Direct Pressure Models include an ASME blast tank to pressurize the media, an Abrasive Separator to clean the media and a large dust collector to filter out the dust and provide good cabinet visibility. Many options such as harsh media wear package, HEPA filtration, turntables, power baskets, 3 PH electrical, etc. are available.
• Also available with 900 RPC Cartridge Dust Collector.
• Many accessories also available.

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