TRINCO™ Sodium bi-Carbonate (Soda) Blast Cabinets

TRINCO™ Sodium bi-Carbonate (Soda) Blast Cabinets

Blasting with Sodium Bi-carbonate (Soda) media removes paint, grease, oil, dirt, etc. off parts without any surface damage or change in finish. TRINCO Soda Blast cabinets are designed for blasting specifically with Sodium Bi-Carbonate Media. Specialized components and machine design are utilized for smooth consistent flow of soda media. System is designed to blast soda media for one time because soda media is not recyclable.

• Traps the finer dust particles that pass thru the Media Separator
• Pull thru design with motor and fan on clean air side
• 30 Tubular cloth filters – 145 sq. feet of filter surface area
• Manual filter shaker
• 2 HP 230V/1 Phase motor installed

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• Full range of cabinet sizes are available
• External pressurized blast tank with 60° bottom cone regulator, feed funnel and cover
• Moisture filter removes moisture from compressed air
• Precision mixing valve eliminates media backups
• Blast tank pressurized higher than air stream to ensure positive and consistent media flow
• All cabinets equipped with fluorescent lighting blast gloves, safety glass window, foot pedal, blast control, tungsten carbide nozzle, fine mesh screen flooring, expanded metal flooring and clean air blow off gun
• Spins out heavier dust particles to reduce filter bag “blinding”
• 16 gallon sealed dust drum
• Adjustable air wash
• Vibrating particle screen

Technical Specifications