Deluxe 600 Models


TRINCO 600 CFM Deluxe models features a 600 CFM Abrasive Separator, Deluxe Dust Collector, clean air blow off gun and auto draining moisture filter. The Abrasive Separator pulls both media and dust from the cabinet. Dust and contaminants are removed from the good reusable media and trapped in the Deluxe Dust Collector.
• Best suited for most media in large sized cabinets.
• Internal filter screen traps debris.
• Media door for easy refills.
• Heavy duty 11 gauge construction
• 1HP, 120V motor – 600 CFM rating
• Deluxe Dust Collector with 90 sq. ft. of filter surface area
• Manual filter shaker
• Auto draining moisture filter helps dry incoming compressed air.
• Clean air blow off gun – removes dust from parts inside the blast cabinet.

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