The TB24×24 Tumble Blaster is designed for high volume automatic tumble blasting of small parts. The large 24” x 24” barrel holds approximately 150 pounds of parts. Simply load barrel, close door, set timer and turn on Dust Collector. Barrel turns at a slow 2 RPM, gently exposing all parts to the blast stream. When timer expires, parts are finished and ready for unloading.

Equipment Features:

  • 24×24 Perforated steel barrel with unloading door
  • Heavy duty gear motor
  • Drawer for easy parts unloading
  • Safety door shut-off
  • Dual blast guns with timer
  • 3/4 Pressure Regulator and Moisture Filter
  • TRINCO™ 800PT Dust Collector
  • Large 19 ½” x 12” Safety glass window
  • TRINCO™ BP Dust Collector

Dust Collector Features:

  • Full size access doors
  • 12 TRINCO™ Tubular filter bags
  • TRINCO™ manual bag shaker
  • Removable dust drawer
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Adjustable damper
  • 1 HP Motor
  • 52 Sq Ft filter area
  • 800 CFM Dust Collector

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