Sandblasting is one of the most common and highly effective methods for the cleaning and maintenance of surfaces. The restoration of surfaces is achieved by striking fine grains of sand at a very high speed through the sandblaster’s nozzle and directly onto the object being cleaned. In need of refurbishing machinery or a piece of equipment to have it look— and work— like new again? We’re giving you some of the benefits of sandblasting for your next project.


Various Applications

Sandblasting is known for its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning. By removing rust, residue, and other impurities, sandblasting leaves surfaces looking like new. Blasting has also has uses in deburring, decorating, and peening, among other tasks. Not only is sandblasting useful for working on large areas, but can be used for jobs dealing with precision parts such as small gears.

In addition, sandblasting makes for an effective cleaning technique to prime a surface for painting. The blasting strips away layers of old paint, decay, rust, and other substances, thereby restoring the surface and readying it for a fresh, new coat of paint.


Tough On Rust                                     

While sandblasting has multiple uses, it is especially well suited for tackling rust. Rust is one of the leading causes of property damage as it can ultimately corrode metal and spread quickly to other metallic surfaces. If not treated correctly, the damage may be irreversible and can spread to other metals. This is especially dangerous with equipment and machinery as it can ultimately lead to equipment malfunction. Therefore, proper removal from metal surfaces is crucial to ensuring that your machinery and other property have a long lifespan.


A Time-Saving Solution

One of the greatest advantages of sandblasting lies its speed and efficiency. The properties of sand—including its fine grade and its makeup of small grains—make this substance a powerful abrasive. A cleaning job that would typically take hours by hand or other less effective methods is reduced to just minutes with sandblasting. Parts with a cross-section of two millimeters or more are sandblasted instantaneously due to the technique’s fast rate and precision.

All of sandblasting’s various applications can be accomplished easily with quick sweeps of the blaster’s nozzle. Even tough mill scale is quickly and efficiently removed with direct pressure sandblasting. Sandblasting is also the quickest way to remove paint and other coatings and strip metals to bare surfaces. Scale, corrosion, old paint and other surface materials are removed in minutes leaving metal surfaces free of foreign matter and contamination.

From cleaning precision parts to reclaiming surfaces, sandblasting is an invaluable technique to improve the appearance and operation of your equipment, refinish once-deteriorating surfaces, and increase the lifespan of your property. For over fifty years, Trinco has been a leading manufacturer of blast equipment in the world, and our products are second to none. Look to Trinco for your next sandblasting project!